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Do Travel Agents need an Income Tax Return Specialist?

Our PHAT Returns tax specialists understand the unique requirements of Travel Agent tax.

Did you know…?

  • Your holiday expenses could be up to 80% deductible.
  • Travel to training nights may be tax deductible.
  • Working from home could entitle you to big deductions.
  • If you get behind on your tax returns we can help you catch up in one consultation.

Why PHAT Returns?

  1. Travel Agent tax specialists: Our tax specialists have excellent communication skills, and know the right questions to ask so you get the best tax return possible:
    • Deductions for Travel Agents tried and tested with the ATO.
    • Travel Agent’s with investment properties, managed funds, etc.
    • No technical terms or financial jargon: We make it simple for you to understand and work out your entitlements
  2. Easy, Time-Saving and Convenient: Most tax agents require you to come into their offices. You save time with P.H.A.T. Returns’ over-the-phone consultations. We call you wherever is convenient for you.
  3. Tax advice: We’ll show you how to structure your investments to maximise your tax benefits. Did you know that having a depreciation schedule for your investment property could get you back thousands extra on your tax return. PHAT Returns Clients – Tax Depreciation Quote Request We can also advise you prior to property purchases so that you get the best tax outcome.

If you are a travel agent, after you have booked your over the phone appointment with a PHAT Returns tax specialist you will need to complete a copy of the Travel Agents Tax Return Form and with your PAYG summaries, fax or email it back to us. If you are unable to open the form you may need to install Adobe Reader on your PC or device. Click on the link below to get the free version for PC/MAC or go to your App Store for the free app for devices.

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